Blue Trainwreck | Hybrid

Blue Trainwreck is everything it sounds like it will be: the bright, sweet aroma and taste of its indica Blueberry parent combined with the smashing cerebral effects of its other progenitor, the sativa-dominant hybrid called Trainwreck.  We purchased the Blue Trainwreck from a delivery service based Santa Monica. The buds were mostly compact and small, and very pungent. The aroma… Continue reading Blue Trainwreck | Hybrid

Black Russian | Indica-Dom Hybrid

Enter, Black Russian. The buds of this indica-dominant hybrid glow like gemstones inside the jar. It could be because they’re underneath ivory fluorescent lighting, or it could be because of all the fine white kief. Either way, with its purple buds, Black Russian is a beautiful strain of cannabis. The medium-sized, compact herb has a freshly sweet aroma, like crushed berries and… Continue reading Black Russian | Indica-Dom Hybrid

PLATINUM Girl Scout Cookies | Hybrid

SHERMAN OAKS – Behold, Girl Scout Cookies season is upon us, and I’m not talking about Thin Mints (though those are delicious). No, instead I’m talking about the proper Platinum Girl Scout Cookies hybrid I recently purchased from my trusty local Sherman Oaks, CA medical dispensary. Chill AF. I went in looking to try the Purple Diesel,… Continue reading PLATINUM Girl Scout Cookies | Hybrid

Blueberries by Kiva | Edible

Kiva’s instant draw is certainly the California edible company’s stellar packaging and branding efforts. So far, its edibles can claim some of the best brand recognition on the market. And the edible house’s reputation fares pretty well, too.  The first Kiva product I selected to try was the elegant tin of milk chocolate-covered blueberries. Cannabis and blueberries?! I… Continue reading Blueberries by Kiva | Edible

Gorilla Glue #4 | Sativa Hybrid

Gorilla Glue #4 lives up to its sticky name as soon as your fingers caress the buds. The sativa dominant hybrid carries a skunky aroma that packs a punch. Inconspicuous smokers be warned, as soon as you cross paths with its gluey flower and powerful scent, you know you’re going to be in for a wild… Continue reading Gorilla Glue #4 | Sativa Hybrid