African Jack | Sativa

The musk of this earthy sativa blend grabs you by the nose as soon as the jar is opened. African Jack is the result of crossing an indigenous African strain, also called a landrace, with legendary Dutch sativa strain Jack Herer. African Jack’s aroma is sour and outdoorsy — the smell of wet soil — with just a hint of pine. 

The African Jack buds themselves are olive in color, densely packed and dusted evenly with crystals. Although the buds are dense, they come apart easily in the fingers. 

I smoked out of a small glass pipe. The smoke is medium-bodied with a citrus and diesel finish. There’s a definite sweetness to it, like cotton candy, and the heaviness of the smoke coats the lips and mouth. 

The cheery effects of this gentle sativa come on rapidly. An uplifting sativa, African Jack is appropriate for daytime use, creative or productive work, and physical activity. Being slightly less psychoactive than parent strain Jack Herer, the high peaks quickly and remains mostly cerebral. This one will keep you awake and going all day! 

Recommended Activities: hiking, going to the beach, cooking, music-making, art galleries, conversation and brainstorming, hunting. 

Source: The Higher Path, Sherman Oaks CA 


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