Blueberries by Kiva | Edible

Kiva’s instant draw is certainly the California edible company’s stellar packaging and branding efforts. So far, its edibles can claim some of the best brand recognition on the market. And the edible house’s reputation fares pretty well, too. 

The first Kiva product I selected to try was the elegant tin of milk chocolate-covered blueberries. Cannabis and blueberries?! I was sold before I opened the tin. 

Each chocolate-covered blueberry is infused with 5mg of cannabis — although I’m guessing that’s an approximation (and I’m wondering the guidelines for testing that). They are delectable, with just the perfect balance of rich milk chocolate, sweet blueberry, and the buttery flavor of cannabis oil. 

I ate one of them and waited an hour, like the package says. For a 5mg bead of chocolatey blueberry, these little bonbons actually pack a generous high: mild and more cerebral than other edible experiences, which can be quite body-heavy. I actually found I had so much energy, I went cycling around Santa Barbara. 

Somebody with a moderate tolerance could easily eat two or three Kiva blueberries to get going. Four people could probably share the Kiva blueberry tin over a day at a festival or camping trip. I’d recommend buying a tin and putting them out with hors d’oeuvres at a party — just remember to put a warning! 

Recommended Activities: festival, concerts, clubbing, dinner party, hiking, camping trip, playing music, going on a road trip (passengers only!), skiing and snowboarding. 


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