Magic Beans | Indica

Let’s take a moment to discuss Magic Beans, a potent indica cannabis I recently got in sunny Sherman Oaks, California. The truth is, I hadn’t purchased an indica from the medical shop in a while. My go-tos are mostly sativa or hybrids that err on this side of sativa, so I figured I’d give a good-old indica a shot.

After smelling a couple kushs, I took a whiff of the Magic Beans jar and decided immediately to ditch a two-for-one deal and and go instead for the more potent Magic Beans. The buds were heavy with notes of pine and musk — no doubt fresh cannabis inventory. 

Magic Beans is a sticky cannabis bud. The forest green flower is glued solid, and it doesn’t come apart easily when it’s this fresh — so grinders, beware! Magic Beans’ trichome count is so high the bowl of herb remains chunky after I’ve packed it, and my fingers are seriously sticky. I’m using a glass pipe to smoke. 

Magic Beans’ smoke has a wonderfully woodsy taste — menthol, pine, light citrus notes. The herb itself burns slowly, owing to the stickiness of the buds. Magic Beans’ smoke is thick, herbal, and floral.

The body-effects of this potent indica come on quickly and Magic Beans soon leaves you glued to the couch, to the ground, a medicine ball, or what have you. The Magic Beans body sensation gives way to a relaxing, calm cerebral experience. Magic Beans is a good cannabis for watching TV or a movie, meditating, practicing yoga, eating a proper meal, or just hanging out. A popular indica, Magic Beans is also, not surprisingly, also a great sleep aid. 

Recommended Activities: Reading, watching movies or TV, meditating, practicing yoga, cooking and eating a meal, going to stand-up comedy, hanging out outdoors, going on a river hike. 


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