PLATINUM Girl Scout Cookies | Hybrid

SHERMAN OAKS – Behold, Girl Scout Cookies season is upon us, and I’m not talking about Thin Mints (though those are delicious). No, instead I’m talking about the proper Platinum Girl Scout Cookies hybrid I recently purchased from my trusty local Sherman Oaks, CA medical dispensary. Chill AF.

I went in looking to try the Purple Diesel, but the supply in the jar looked precariously low. I opted to check out a few other, possibly fresher strains. I asked the dispensary-boy which were the freshest in stock. He opened a couple of jars for me, cycling through the sativas and hybrids that had just come into the dispensary.

“Try this one,” he said. “It’s a new strain that’s not on the menu yet. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies.”

Obviously intrigued by a hybrid by way of Girl Scout Cookies, I decided to check this one out. I was immediately struck by the icy and inconspicuously purple and pale green buds, dusted with powdery yellow kief and bristling with orange hairs. In terms of their color, Platinum GSC buds are quite simply works of art. They practically glowed in the jar. The aroma itself was dense and piney, absolutely fresh and floral.

Packing my glass piece with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies was easier than I thought it would be. Though dense and totally dusted with kief, the buds themselves come apart quite easily with a just couple nimble fingers.

Smoking Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is even more pleasant than the name suggests. The smoke is light, and the flavor forward but mild. The taste is herbal and sweet as cotton candy, with just a hint of mint and pine. When it’s smoked, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies smells like toasted caramel.

The effects come on quickly and pour through the body and through the mind. A true hybrid, the dueling effects of its sativa Durban Poison and indica roots create a holistic sensory experience that is both uplifting cerebrally and calming in the body. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies manages to be a fantastic daytime and nighttime bud.

Recommended Activities: playing cards, writing, sunbathing on the beach, spa, filing taxes, managing social media, playing music, rock climbing and bouldering.


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