Black Russian | Indica-Dom Hybrid

Enter, Black Russian. The buds of this indica-dominant hybrid glow like gemstones inside the jar. It could be because they’re underneath ivory fluorescent lighting, or it could be because of all the fine white kief. Either way, with its purple buds, Black Russian is a beautiful strain of cannabis. The medium-sized, compact herb has a freshly sweet aroma, like crushed berries and mint. 

After completing my purchase at the discreet dispensary on Woodman Ave in Van Nuys, I decided to give Black Russian a whirl. The finely powdered buds gave way easily in my fingers, making Black Russian a great on-the-go bud. I decided to smoke out of a glass pipe. 

The smoke is very mild and very sweet. Repeat, no thick diesel-y skunk in this here bowl — Black Russian is pure berries, Kahlua, and cream. The aftertaste has notes of caramel and vanilla. Black Russian could be one of the most delicious buds I’ve ever tasted. 

I’m a fan of indicas whose effects come on slow and steady, and Black Russian didn’t disappoint. A warm tingling sensation soon wrapped itself all over my body while the hints of a sativa parent kept my mood elevated and my mind outgoing. Although it’s an indica dominant hybrid, I’d say Black Russian is more of a daytime bud, and would probably keep my mind too busy to fall asleep. Its effects linger until gently giving way to a stronger appetite and relaxing calm. 

Recommended Activities: watching a cooking show, introspective work, playing music or specifically guitar, going outdoors!, playtime with young children, visual art or graphic design, perusing brick-and-mortar boutiques. 


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