Blue Trainwreck | Hybrid

Blue Trainwreck is everything it sounds like it will be: the bright, sweet aroma and taste of its indica Blueberry parent combined with the smashing cerebral effects of its other progenitor, the sativa-dominant hybrid called Trainwreck. 

We purchased the Blue Trainwreck from a delivery service based Santa Monica. The buds were mostly compact and small, and very pungent. The aroma was was mostly piney but there was a definite sweetness to Blue Trainwreck it as well. The buds came apart easily in the fingers, but I think that was partially due to their subpar freshness (which I will touch on at the end of this review). We smoked out of a glass bong.

The flavor of Blue Trainwreck is stupendous; it’s like swirling a mouthful of berries around the tongue. The sweetness of Blue Trainwreck’s heavy-bodied smoke lingers, with a touch of earthy diesel, for a while after you’ve blown the smoke out into the world. 

I found the effects of Blue Trainwreck to be quite interesting, albeit intense. Like its Trainwreck parent, they came on quickly and heavily and were quite cerebral. I lost my smoking partner to tinkering in his room almost immediately, and when he emerged 10-15 minutes later, he could barely speak as he squatted on the floor reorganizing his acrylic paints. Emerging languorously from a chugging train of thought, I realized just how heady Blue Trainwreck truly was.

But the mellowing effects of its indica Blueberry parent aren’t lost on Blue Trainwreck either. Although the mind was racing, Blue Trainwreck’s effects kept me calm and focused, latched to the couch and totally unwound. The effects themselves came on strong and then slowly dissipated over the next several hours.

Because of its intensity, I’d recommend Blue Trainwreck for nighttime use and calming activities, though it would probably make an awesome partner at a live show as well. 

Recommended Activities: watching concert footage on TV, listening to a new album with good speakers or headphones, brainstorming or developing a business plan/strategy, beach bumming, setting up shop at your local cafe, writing, reorganizing art supplies, watching an intense movies — action, documentary, thriller/suspense, family drama, etc. 

As an aside, I’ve unfortunately come to notice that the bud from the delivery services is not as good as the bud from storefront dispensaries — and I’m not sure why. Now, I know some of these services do both delivery and behind-the-counter sales, but the bud that’s sent out always seems to be a bit staler (IE more brittle and decarboxylated) than the bud you buy on-site. 


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